Can I paint UPVC door frames with gloss

Joseph asks

Can I paint UPVC door frames with gloss?


admin answers:

Hi,  painting  UPVC is not really advisable but having said that there are some upvc paints on the market – B&Q sell such a paint. However I would suggest cleaning the upvc with a good upvc solvent cleaner. High quaility upvc windows and doors and fascia should not discolour. It should contain a white fastner (or colour fastner if oak or rosewood colour pvc)- this stops the fading and pinking of the product.


Caroline asks

is it possible to renew security door handle on a UPVC door?


admin answers:

Depends on the manufacturer, they are very often made by Yale and have Eurolock cylinders fitted, which are easy to find.. Look on the face for a makers name.


Nancy asks

I have lost the key to my uPVC door, what can i do?

can i get a new key or do i have to have the whole mechanism taken and and replaced?

admin answers:

Sadly you will have to call out a locksmith. They are expensive. Check on your household insurance policy, ours has a thing about ‘losing house keys’ whereby you are insured for the cost of replacing the locks (minus the excess amount n the policy). You may be lucky.

Search for a locksmith

Kirstie asks

What is the cheapest price for a uPVC front door (very basic) ? and where from? preferably around Bournemouth.


admin answers:

Low cost upvc doors – well you do get what you pay for!  Try here for upvc doors

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