Questions And Answers On Upvc Doors

John asks

Can you paint a UPVC front door?

I have a new style UPVC front door which is painted navy blue ( I presume from manufacture). But the paint has faded over time and now looks shabby. Can I repaint it? If not, how can I make it look better? or do I just need to by a new door?

admin answers:

Are you sure that it is actually painted and it’s not the plastic is blue in colour instead of the standard white.If it’s the plastic then the blue has faded through being exposed to sunlight. Called “sun bleaching”If you paint it with conventional paint then it may not last because the plastic is very smooth and therefore the paint has no natural “key” or “bond” to stick to.

Alana asks

uPVC Door With ‘Mila’ Multipoint Lock Jammed Or Seized Up.?

I cant open my front door. It is about 5 years old and the locking mechanism seems to be jammed up. It isn’t used very often and was last opened about a month ago. I can turn the barrel with the key as normal, but then the handle wont push down to release the bolts of which there are 3 on the edge of the door and one on the top. I have tried removing the handles and spindle and spraying with WD40. Denver Bankruptcy Attorney . Hasnt done any good. When I try to push the handle down firmly, there is a clicking noise and it feels really stuck fast. I dont know who fitted the doors so I cant claim under the guarantee. Anyone got any ideas of anything else I can try myself before I have to call a locksmith.

admin answers:

Here is the company website

Marie asks

would it be possible to build a sunroom out of glazed doors?

doors can be wooden or upvc and room would be about 7sqft(3sqm)

admin answers:


Nancy asks

can i cut a upvc door frame?

I’m trying to buy a new door for my garage and all of the doors/frames available are about 5-10cm’s to tall can i cut about 5cm’s off the top of the frame?

admin answers:

Trimming the top would be better than trimming the bottom. If you trim the bottom it will affect the undercut of the door (gap between door bottom and floor, or threshold). Tom Martino . Which means you would have to cut the bottom of the door as well.

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